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New FaceBook FanPage

Hi All, Over the last few months I’ve had several requests from people all over the world to create a FaceBook Fan Page for my site. They told me a fanpage would be an easy way to keep up with my site updates and it would enable them to share […]

Beginning Sound ‘t’ – Free Printable Phonics Poster

The reading games & phonics posters are some of the most popular resources on my website. It has been a while since I added anything new to this part of the site, so when my 5 y/o daughter asked me to teach her to read I knocked up this ‘t’ […]

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What is a Polygon?

Last week the boy I’m helping out with maths explored the vocabulary of 2d shapes. Here is a poster we planned together. What is a Polygon?

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Explanation Text Type – Temporal Conjunctions

Today’s resource is a temporal conjunctions poster. It is designed to help out with the language features of Explanation text type. The small version is great for student personal reference and the larger version is a good reference for the classroom wall. NB When doing a joint construction of an […]

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Vocabulary Strategies – Card Set 3

Here is another set of cards for aiding the teaching of vocabulary. Feel free to print them out and see if they work for you. On another note, the reading comprehension section of came in as third most popular section of the website. You might like to see if […]

Comic Life, Division & Enforced Creativity

I once enquired of the Head of Curriculum of a school why she thought the Yr 5 & 6 cohort had no real understanding of what Division actually was. Her reply told me a fair bit. ‘You know how it is Adrian, by the time you do Addition in Term […]

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Terry Denton & Abobe Ideas

I attended the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival last weekend and one of the highlights for me was watching the children’s book illustrator Terry Denton work a marquee full of adoring fans. He spoke well on creative processes and all the while drawing to illustrate his point After the session I […]

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Maths and Animation – Part II

Aussie High School Math teacher Marc Liddell has been experimenting with Xtranormal for and in his Maths classes. He sent me this animation to check out. How might you use this tool in Maths investigations? Instruction? Tutorial? Reinforcement? Error Analysis? Assessment? Motivation? Building positive attitudes towards Maths as Art? Oh […]

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Reinforcing Maths Concepts With Animation Polygon Mystery by Demanter I like using animation tools with students to reinforce maths concepts. I also like having them choose the concept they think they ‘need’ to reinforce. Thanks for the inspiration Marc Liddell

26 Ipad Apps to Up Your Productivity & Learning

Do people really want a computer or do they just want the things a computer can do? Here are 26 apps that suit the way I work. They aid my creativity, connectivity and work flow & all from the comfort of where ever I choose to be – couch, park, […]