Over the years my reading games site has grown to be rather large but I must admit I have concentrated on creating content rather than spending a little time on navigation.

I’ve added a search function – links to all other sections of the website – the ability to buy me a beer or 17 for a job well done – shortcuts to tag the site on social bookmarking sites – links to my blog – My Amazon Wishlist (a big thankyou to the person who is sending me David Warlick’s book on Classroom Blogging) – the ability to join my newsletter group – and the ‘tell a friend’ applet.

Over the next week I plan to work on a ‘Comprehension Strategy’ section to the site and a ‘Recommended Books’ section. I believe that phonics is only one part of a very good reading program so I’m looking at expanding the site in that direction.



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4 Responses to “Reading Games – A New Inferface”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great web site!

  2. daniel rex says:

    good day or good morning sir…this is Daniel, a special education student of MPSC here in the Philippines and i appreciate much of your kind heart to us that you’ve given this games for free. I know it will be very useful for me as a teacher soon and thanks a lot…. god bless you sir….


  3. Debbie says:

    Hi there. As we say here in Israel, “Kol HaKavod” – all the honor goes to you! I wish I had the talent and ability to do come up with these wonderful games and ideas and the initiative to go ahead and make them available for others. It
    must take a lot of time, effort and patience and a sense of wanting to give that obviously you have an abundance of. I happened upon your site by
    accident…googling not by recommendation.

    Thank you for your site and for your generosity.

    Jerusalem, Israel

  4. Jill says:

    This is a WONDERFUL site! I recommend the site to other teachers all the time. Your games are terrific Adrian – many, many thanks for sharing them with us

    Toronto, Canada

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