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My machinima interpretation of Macbeth is finally complete. It has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated but in the end I’m very pleased with the way it has turned out. I am also really pleased with the amount of problems I’ve overcome and skills I’ve learnt along the […]

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I do so love playing with this technology with Samuel (Mr 10)! Spore has a video capture function built into it so we just grabbed a heap of video shots of one of the characters and put them together in Movie Maker with his current favourite joke. Too easy!!!

A few years back after giving a keynote to a rather large group of educators, one of the ‘invited officials’ beckoned me over. “I like you & I especially like your quote,  ‘Subversion is a major part of innovation and it is our job to subvert’. Come sit by me.” […]

. . . . When it comes to Farmville sheep wandering across my Facebook news feeds I’m starting to believe catharsis is so much more fun than rationality Feel free to send this to anyone who you think needs to see it. hehehehe

Another of the things I love about machinima is the irreverent humour. Feel free to make humourous suggestions for the dialogue of this comic Plus, I think I mentioned it before, I love leaving these sorts of things on display in classes for a week and having the students think […]

In the coming weeks I’m flying off to Mackay to run a whole day Gifted & Talented workshop on machinima. I’ve been working on ideas for this workshop for the last few months and am just about to launch an online image bank that will not be blocked by school […]

Over the last few years I have found myself more and more in tune with the concept of  ‘slow knowing’. I tend to take a long time to make up my mind about some things. I find I might experiment with an idea for a week and then think about […]