10 Game Spinners – Electronic & Printable

Game Spinners – a collection of 10 PRINTABLE game spinners and 10 ELECTRONIC game spinners for Smartboard in one download. These are perfect for Math Games and Literacy Games.


Game Spinners

Printable & Electronic

Gettin’ ’em Ready:

1. Print the spinners out – I like to use 100 weight card as it is a little more rigid than plain photocopier paper.
2. Cut out both spinners.
3. Laminate and enjoy.
game spinner
game spinner 3
How to Work ’em:
– Lay a paper clip flat on the spinner and place the point of a pencil on the center point of the circle as shown.
– Hold the pencil firmly and flick the paper clip with your finger so it spins.
– When the paper clip stops spinning the score is the number the spinner lands on.
math spinner 2

When to Use ’em:

– replace traditional dice in games to cut down the classroom noise a little 🙂
– create variations of traditional games by introducing alternative numbered spinners eg instead of using a 6 sided die try a spinner with the numbers to 5.
– When you need a 10 or 12 sided die for a game and realize you don’t have one and the Amazon purchase won’t arrive in time.
game spinner 4

How to Make ’em Spin Better:

Use a compass (the circle drawing one) to put a small hole in the center of the spinner to provide a place to anchor the pencil point.
game spinner (1)
math spinner 3