Addition Game – Doubles Plus One Jump

An enjoyable Doubles Plus One Addition Game.


Addition Game

Doubles Plus One Jump

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Addition Game – JUMP Doubles Plus One is a printable addition game that teaches the Doubles Plus One Addition Facts. These number facts are essential for efficient mental computations. ‘Doubles Plus One’ makes the learning of these number facts fun

In my classrooms, we do a lot of work on the need for efficiency in doing mental computations. We aim for, ‘SEE IT, SAY IT’. This game offers heaps of opportunities to discuss ‘efficient’ addition strategies. It also demonstrates how those who use efficient strategies will do better at the game.

Three Ways to Play:

1. Draw this grid outside on the concrete using chalk. Each square should be about 30cm by 30cm.
2. Draw the grid inside the classroom on the carpet with chalk. NB The students will love you but the cleaners might have to reassure you will clean up the carpet hehe
3 – Print out the game board and have the students place their fingers on the little frog feet.

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How to Play: 

1. Two players stand with their feet in the large feet facing the addition game board.
2. A ‘Caller’ asks a question from one of the cards.
3. When a player has worked out the answer they must jump from their spot onto the correct answer. Do not move until you know the answer.
4. Players then rotate positions but the winner stays to compete with the next player.

NB The object of this addition game is to have a bit of fun while you learn the addition facts. So practice your ‘Doubles + One’ number facts while you’re waiting to play this addition game.

The game board and the game cards are all included in the download.

Extension Idea:

Calculators make for extra fun when playing this game as most people can ‘Beat the Calculator’!

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Before the Game: 

– Safety is paramount – Students need to know this and need to know the game will be shut down as soon as there is any ‘silliness’. Make sure the students are well of this. I like to joke that I know this is a tough rule but I hate the paperwork of accident reports then as an aside mention the blood and pain hehe Know your audience 🙂

– Discuss, demonstrate and reinforce the different strategies of doubling one number and either adding one or subtracting one. The students need to work out which strategy works best for them i.e. 9+8 could be solved 9+9-1 or 8+8+1.

– It is easy to get caught up in the fun of the competition but the essence of the learning experience is to focus on the facts ‘you need to work on’. In pairs generate ideas for strategies for improving your math while standing in line waiting for your next turn. Share these with the class and discuss them. 

– Discuss ‘helpful thinking’ in your self-talk. e.g. ‘Ok I missed 6+5, I’ll repeat it to myself a few times, I wonder if it will help if I work it out as 6+6-1.

– Use the PowerPoint File to demonstrate the Commutative Law i.e. Numbers can be swapped around and you still get the same answer.

– Discuss ‘unhelpful thinking’ – my granddad says he is not a ‘math person’ so I must have got it from him.

– Discuss implications of both types of thinking. 

During the Game: 

– Reminders about safety.
– Remind students in line to reflect on, ‘What I need to practice’ and encourage them to do it.  

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Possible After the Game Reflections:

– I enjoyed this Math game because…
– I think this game could be improved by… 
– When standing on the feet I feel ……………. because …
– Next time I play this game I need to focus on……. because…..

Included in this Download:

1 Addition Doubles Plus One Board
14 Cards with the Addition Doubles Algorithms
1 PowerPoint file with the board and all the cards for easy discussion and game introduction

Oh and a very big thank you to Ron Leishman the artist who made the cartoon frogs in this game.