Addition Game – SALUTE

Salute is a Math Card Game – Use it to reinforce the relationship between Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division.



a Math Card Game

Math Game - Salute

Math Game – Salute

Salute is a classic classroom Math Game game designed to improve Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division skills. The game is particularly good for constructing, deconstructing & reconstructing numbers.

What You Need:

2 sets of numeral cards (0 to 10) printed and laminated. 
NB The cards in this download include the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 
Division and Equals signs so you can use them for all sorts of different purposes. 
3 players

How to Play:

1. Players sit in a triangle shape facing each other 
2. Elect a Caller for the first game.
3. The Caller deals the deck between the 2 players.
4. Players ensure all cards are the right way up then 
shuffle their deck. 
5. Each player then places their individual deck of cards in a pile face down in front of them.
6. The Caller then calls out ‘go’. Each player quickly raises a card to their forehead without seeing it.
7. The Caller adds the numbers on the foreheads and calls out the total.
8. The players must then work out the number on their own forehead based on the number on their opponent’s forehead and the caller’s total. Once they have calculated the answer they call it out. The Caller has to judge who gave their answer first. The winner collects the two cards as a pair and places them to one side.
9. The game continues until all the cards are gone.
10. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is declared the winner.
11. Swap callers.

Your Own Rules:

– What happens if the caller makes a mistake?
– What happens if someone calls out the wrong answer?


– Caller subtracts the largest number from the smallest and calls out the answer. The players then deduce the number on their forehead and call out the answer as soon as they work it out.
– Caller multiplies the two numbers and calls out the Product. The players then deduce the number on their forehead.



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