Boggle + Scrabble = Scroggle

Boggle Word Game – an electronic game ideal for literacy centers or whole class wordplay. This is a game students ask for again & again.


Boggle – Electronic Word Game

Scroggle – a game based on Boggle & Scrabble 

Literacy Center Word Game - Boggle & Scrabble

NB This Game is for PC ONLY

Electronic Word Game – by combining the game Boggle and Scrabble we have created a brand new smartboard game that the followers of my website have decided to call Scroggle.

Electronic Scroggle Word Puzzle 

How Many Words Can You Find in this combined Scrabble & Boggle?
By combining the gameplay of the traditional board games of Boggle and Scrabble we have created a brand new game that the followers of my website have decided to call Scroggle.

Game in a Nutshell:

You press the roll button, the letters all move around, students find as many words as possible, and students add the scores of their words together to find a winner.

Aim of Game:

 to have a little fun while practicing word building
– to practice problem-solving skills.

What You Need:

1 Electronic Scroggle Program
scrap paper for each player
writing implements
a timer of some kind
Possible Preparation:
– Project the game board onto your whiteboard.
– Set up the game on a laptop or PC for small group work.

How to Play:

1. Students sit with a pencil and paper facing the puzzle in pairs.
2. Leader presses the Start button on the puzzle generator and starts a timer.
3. Students join the letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to form words.
NB, They can join the corners of touching letters to form words.
4. After 3 minutes (vary the length of the game based on your students’ needs ) students compare words and eliminate spelling mistakes etc.
5. Students tally the points for each word and decide on a winner.

Before the Game:

– Discuss strategies used by yourself and the students for finding words e.g. I tend to have a  general glance at the board to see what just pops up then start at the top of the board looking for consonants followed by vowels to see what I can join together and then work my way to the bottom of the board. I then look for words that start with vowel sounds. What works for you?
– Do a web search for ‘Boggle tips and tricks’ and see what pointers you can get.