Jump x9 – a Multiplication Game

Jump is a fun way to practice the Nine Times Table. 


Free Nine Times Table Game

A Multiplication Game – Jump x9

Multiplication Game - Nine Times Tables

Multiplication Game – Nine Times Tables

A Multiplication Game for the Nine Times Tables: Jump is a fast-paced enjoyable math game. The students place their fingers on the frog footprints, wait for the caller to read an algorithm, call out the answer then jump their fingers to the answer. This game is one of the ones students always choose when given free choice of what math game they would like to play.

What You Need:

3 players
1 game board
1 set of nine times tables cards
Calculators (in their place as a learning tool)
Nine Times Table Game

Nine Times Table Game

How to Play:

1. Elect a caller for the first round.
2. Players One and Two place their index finger and their middle finger on the footprints on the lily pads ready to leap.
3. Caller shuffles the cards, flips the top card & reads the algorithm to the players.
4. Players work out the algorithm in their minds and then, when they have the answer, ‘jump’ with both their fingers onto the answer. NB Players must not move until they say the answer.
5. Play a best of 9 competition.
6. The Caller plays the winner of the first round.
7. Play continues in this fashion until a champion is found.
NB – In the second version of the game the caller reads out the answer to the algorithm and the students just to the actual algorithm. 

Before the Game:

– Discuss how this game is designed to help students achieve automaticity in these number facts.
– Discuss ‘helpful’ and ‘unhelpful’ self-talk.
– Ensure the students have a concrete understanding of the algorithms.
9x_board_algorithms_low copy

9x board algorithms

During the Game:

– Ask, ‘Which facts do you think you need to work on to do better at this game?’
– Ask, ‘ What strategies have you put in place to ensure you learn that fact?’
– Say, ‘When I was learning this stuff I found… (insert favorite strategy) helped me. How about you give it a go and see if it works for you.’

After the Game:

– In your mind, you will have noticed the facts you were yet to achieve automaticity. Write them down and work on them as we will play this game again in a couple of days.
Nine Times Table Game

Nine Times Table Game


– I love drawing this game board up in chalk on the playground concrete or on the carpet in my classroom. I then have groups of 5 or 6 students play the game where they physically jump on the numbers. It is soooooooo much fun but the students MUST take the responsibility for playing safely.
– When introducing a new set of number facts I insist on all students using calculators as a tool for learning. Ensure the students see automaticity is much more desirable than relying on the calculator.

Included in this Printable Download:

1 high color nine times table game board in the form 9×4 
1 high color nine times table game board in the form 4×9
1 high color nine times table game board with the table algorithm answers
1 low color nine times table game board in the form 9×4 
1 low color nine times table game board in the form 4×9
1 low color nine times table game board with  the table algorithm answers
1 set of rules and teaching points
41 nine times table flashcards
PLUS – 1 PowerPoint file with all color boards and algorithm cards for easy explanation and Number Talks