Just Like Me – A Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game – A classic subtraction game for making random groups of three students.


A Subtraction Game
Just Like Me 

Just Like Me - A Subtraction Game

Just Like Me – A Subtraction Game


‘Just Like Me’:

is a classic classroom game used to create random groups of three. This version has been adapted so the students practise subtraction facts.

What You Need:

1 pack of ‘Just Like Me’ Cards
(NB there are the Ninja Algorithm Cards Included in Download)  
1 class of children

Tips & Tricks:

1. You will have to reduce the deck to cater for the numbers in your class.
2. If the class is not divisible by three I give two children one card. Some teachers like to appoint ‘judges’ to help out with the smooth running of the game.

How to Play: 

1. Move to an open area away from classroom furniture. (JUST TO BE SAFE)
2. Sit students in a large circle all facing the centre.
3. Place one card down behind each player. 
4. On ‘Go!’ the students grab their card, work out the answer to the algorithm then stand to find the other people in with the same answer.
5. Once a group of three is formed they must sit immediately. This group is deemed the winner of the round.
6. Play several rounds.
NB This game downloads as a Word template so you can make your own versions of the game.

Before the Game:

– Plenty of discussion and exploration around the fact that counting backwards is the most inefficient way to do most subtraction algorithms.
– Demonstrations and explorations around how to use addition to solve subtraction algorithms.
eg 10-6= can be solved by counting six backwards from 10. This is an accurate strategy but not very efficient. A more efficient way is to use your facts to 10 knowledge ie 6 plus what equals 10.
– Reminder about playing safe.

During the Game:

 – talk with groups about their use of strategy esp any other alternate strategies that may be more efficient or erroneous.

After the Game:

– Plenty of discussion around how people are going with the new strategy?
– As a small group discussion – Why do you think it is so hard to let go of counting backwards and starting to use strategy?
– Discussion around possible strategies that can be used to make finding the other people with the same number quicker.
– Discuss possible ‘prizes’ for winners.