PEDMAS Poster – Order of Operations

PEDMAS Poster – Free & Printable – This order of operations poster is ideal for Math Vocabulary Walls, sticking to the back of the bathroom door, sticking on the fridge with magnets or having in the child’s homework space.


What is PEDMAS?

Free & Printable Math Vocab Poster


PEDMAS Poster – Order of Operations Process

Order of Operations Poster:

PEDMAS is an acronym. It stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition & Subtraction. It is the order in which you do the operations when solving an algorithm.

e.g 6-(2+2) = 6-4 (since you do the bit in the brackets first)

then you go 6-4=2

If you simply work left to right,  you get a completely different answer.