Prefix Bluff – Card Game

Prefix Bluff – A Card Game of Vocabulary Building, Spelling & Cheating 🙂. What is a prefix? Use this printable prefix-based card game raise awareness of prefixes with your students. Ideal for learning centers and homework. An enjoyable way to improve literacy skills.


Prefix Bluff

A Card Game of Vocabulary Building, Spelling & Cheating 🙂

prefix game card

Prefix Card Game

Prefix Bluff :

is a card game designed so students have a heap of fun learning the common prefixes: anti, auto, acro, cent, chron, circ, co, com, con, cycl, deca, dis, extra, hydro, hyper, im, inter, ir, kilo & mega.


– To have a bit of fun learning about the definition and uses of commonly used Latin, Greek & Old English prefixes.

What You Need:

– 3 to 6 players
– 40 card deck with two of each prefix
– 4 wild cards

How to Play:

1. Decide who is going to be the dealer.
2. Dealer shuffles the prefix cards and distributes the whole deck evenly between the players.
3. The player to the left of the dealer goes first.
4. This player makes a pair from the cards in their
hand (if this is possible) and places them face down in a central pile on the table stating the prefix, its definition, and a word containing the prefix and the word’s definition. e.g. ‘The prefix ‘anti’ means ‘against’ so ‘antisocial’ means…’
5. At the point the cards are placed on the table the other players have the opportunity to say, ‘I don’t think so’ if they think the player is bluffing.
6. The cards just placed on the table are then inspected. If the person is lying about the number of cards put down or whether they are a matching pair then all the cards on the table go into the hand of the player accused. If the bluff is not proven all the cards go into the hand of the accuser.
7. Other players then follow in turn around the group placing pairs, accusing others of bluffing, and picking up cards until one player has no cards left in their hand.

The Wildcards:

Four Wild Cards are included in this game. They give the holder a distinct advantage. Use them well as they can only be used once and then must be discarded. Hold on to them until you can use them to the utmost effect.

Also Included in this Download:

– Tips on how to Bluff
– Ways to vary the gameplay
– Teacher Tips for before and after the game.

NB The game cards used in this game are the same as in Prefix Shout. If you download this game you can play both games.



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