Sight Word Game: 9th & 10th 100 Fry List Words

Sight Word Game – 7th & 8th 100 Fry List Words. Fry Sight Word Game: 16 printable game boards to make sight word practice a little more enjoyable. Includes 8 High color and 8 ‘ink saving’ board versions. Also includes a PowerPoint file with all the sight word game boards.


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Fry Sight Word Lists

Fry Sight Word Game

Fry Sight Word Game

Fry Word List Game:

– ‘No Three in a Row’ is an engaging sight word game for those learning to read. This version of the game focuses on the 3rd & 4th Hundred Fry words. The lists are divided into 8 game boards which makes them ideal for differentiation and small group work.

There are 8 full-color game boards as well as 8 low-color versions of the game in this download. The low color versions of the game boards are ideal for sending home with students on Individual Literacy Plans or as a way to get some parental involvement in homework.

What You Need:

2 Players
1 Fry Sight Word Game Board
15 Counters of One Color
15 Counters of Another Color

How to Play:

1. Player One is the person with the shortest hair.
2. Player One chooses a word, states it clearly to Player Two, and places one of their counters on it.
3. Player Two then chooses a word, states it clearly to Player One, and places one of their counters on it.
4. Play continues in this fashion until a player is forced to lay a counter and it makes a row of three either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

How to Win:

Be the person who DOES NOT place 3 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Fry Sight Word Game

Fry Sight Word Game

Included in this Download:

8 Full-Color Game Boards
8 Low Color Game Boards
1 PowerPoint Version with ALL the full-color versions of the game boards for easy discussion and revision.

Fry Word List Game

Fry Word List Game

Words Covered in this Download:

Fry List Sight Word Game – Ninth Hundred:

List 1
supply corner electric insects crops tone hit sand doctor provide thus won’t cook bones mall board modern compound mine wasn’t fit addition belong, safe soldiers
List 2
guess silent trade rather compare crowd poem enjoy elements indicate except expect flat seven interesting sense string blow famous value wings movement pole exciting branches
List 3
thick blood lie spot bell fun loud consider suggested thin position entered fruit tied rich dollars send sight chief Japanese stream planets rhythm eight science
List 4
major observe tube necessary weight meat lifted process army hat property particular swim terms current park sell shoulder industry wash block spread cattle wife sharp

10th Hundred:

List 1
company radio we’ll action capital factories settled yellow isn’t southern truck fair printed wouldn’t ahead chance born level triangle molecules France repeated column western church
List 2
sister oxygen plural various agreed opposite wrong chart prepared pretty solution fresh shop suffix especially shoes actually nose afraid dead sugar adjective fig office huge
List 3
gun similar death score forward stretched experience rose to allow fear workers Washington Greek women bought led march northern create British difficult match win doesn’t steal
List 4
total deal determine evening hoe rope cotton apple details entire corn substances to smell tools conditions cows track arrived located sir seat division effect underline the view