Sound Snap – a Phonics Card Game for Word Families – ‘ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’

Get ready for a fun and exciting way to improve the onset and rime recognition with Sound Snap! This fast-paced phonics game is perfect for kids and adults alike It provides a challenging and entertaining way to practice, and master, essential reading skills.


A Printable Phonics Game
ail’, ‘ain’ & ‘air’ Sound Snap is an enjoyable way to practice onset and rime

Phonics Game - Sound Snap

Phonics Game – Sound Snap

About the Game Sound Snap:

Sound Snap is a fast-paced, enjoyable game that is perfect for practicing and improving phonics skills. With only two players and one deck of ‘ail’, ‘ain’ and ‘air’ cards needed implementing the game is a breeze. Players take turns flipping their top cards into the center of the playing area and use their phonics knowledge to blend the cards and form real and nonsense words. When a ‘real word’ is formed the first player to slap the pile and say the word aloud wins all the cards in the pile. This game is perfect for children and adults learning or improving their phonics skills. It is a tried and true game that is a hit in the classroom and at home. 

Onset & Rime Game

Onset Cards for Sound Snap

What You Need:

2 players
1 deck of ‘ail’, ‘ain’, ‘air’ cards

How to Play:

1. Dealer is the person with the longest thumb
2. Dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them evenly between the players.
3. Both players straighten their deck and place it face down in their non-preferred hand.
4. Dealer flips their top card into the centre of the playing area.
5. Player 2 then flips their top card beside Player 1’s card and the players mentally blend the cards to see if they make a word.
6. If a word can be formed, players quickly slap the pile and say the word aloud.
7. The player who is first to get their hand onto the pile wins all the cards in the pile.
8. If a player grabs the pile when the two top cards do not make a ‘real’ word then the opponent gets the pile of cards.
9. The game continues in this fashion until one player possesses all the cards.