Addition Vocabulary Crossword

What Does ‘Plus’ Really Mean? – is a collaborative crossword puzzle designed to have students explore and reflect on the language of Addition.


What Does Plus Mean?

An Addition Vocabulary Crossword

Addition Crossword Puzzle

Addition Crossword Puzzle

Addition Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle: 

Whenever I do an assessment of a child’s Addition concepts I always ask the question,  ‘What does plus mean?’

Most of the time this draws a blank and we proceed to either teach or revise, basic Addition concepts before moving on.

This crossword is designed to be done in a collaborative fashion. This enables the students to explore, discuss, argue, hear and clarify the wide variety of mathematical vocabulary associated with Addition.

Addition Crossword Puzzle

Addition Crossword Puzzle Clues

How to Implement:

Students partner up. One student reads the questions, they both think and discuss the answers then one student records the answer in the appropriate boxes on the crossword puzzle. Students swap roles throughout the activity.
Once the students are finished the puzzle the whole class marks the puzzles together. This way the teacher can accentuate the appropriate vocabulary and deal with questions as they arise and provide examples where needed.

Subject Specific Vocabulary Included in this Puzzle: 

Algorithm, altogether, put with, plus, added to, combining, increase, how many more, adding, what total, add, plus, sum, equals, is the same as & join.