Addition Game – Basic Facts FREEBIE!

Addition Game (Printable) –  ‘Four in a Row’ covers basic Addition Facts, makes learning fun and is way more effective than a worksheet. Use it to add enjoyment to your Math Classes.  



Basic Facts Addition Game – ‘Four in a Row’

addition game

Addition Game – My ‘Four in a Row’ Addition Game covers basic Addition facts, makes learning a lot more fun & is way more effective than a worksheet. Use it to add a little more enjoyment to Math Classes. 

You Will Need:

1 game board printed and laminated
1 die (yes die is the singular, dice is the plural)
Coloured counters for each player e.g. Player 1 = red Player 2 = green.

How to Play:

1. Player 1 rolls the die.
2. Player 1 answers the algorithm with the same number as shown on the die.
3. Place one colored counter on the answered algorithm if read correctly
4. The winner is the first player to gets 4 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Tips and Hints:

• The game works best with a two-player game.
• The game can be played without a die – children simply choose an algorithm to answer.
• Try playing best of three – it helps to reinforce number facts.
• Focus on strategies not the answers. ‘How do you know that answer is correct?’ ‘How else do you know?’

From One of the Punters:

Adrian, just a quick word to thank you for your great website. I use them a lot. I find your games most motivating and beneficial.