Skip Counting Drama Game – by 2s, 3s, 5s & 10s

Skip Counting Game – What is skip counting? Skip counting is counting by a number that is not 1. Grab this printable Math game to make learning to skip count a heap of fun.


Skip Counting Drama Game

by 2s, 3s, 5s & 10s

Skip Counting Game

Skip Counting Game

When a student lands on a color they have to pick up a card and skip count in the way described. There are a musical set of tasks e.g. ‘Skip count from 18 to 24 like an opera singer’. There are animal noise tasks e.g. ‘Oink like a pig by 3s from 25 to 34’. There is also a set of ‘acting’ cards, ‘Give a frog a big sloppy kiss for each number from 46 to 86 by 10s’. 


– For the students to practice skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5s & 10s in an enjoyable way.
– For the students to explore and discover patterns in the numbers.

Skip Counting Math Game

Skip Counting Game Cards

What You Need:

2 to 4 players
1 skip counting game board
3 different colored decks of skip counting cards.
1 counter for each player


– Game board is placed in the center of the group.
– Coloured decks individually shuffled and placed face down near the game board. 
– Decide which skip counting skill the students will focus on.

Red is by 2s.
Blue is by 3s.
Orange is by 5s.
Purple is by 10s.

– Or… Have the students decide what their optimal level of learning is and practice it.

How to Play:

1. Decide who is having the first turn.
2. Player 1 throws the die and moves their counter forward the number of spaces shown.
3. Player 1 flips a card from the same colored pile as they landed on i.e. If they landed on a purple square they flip over a purple card etc. 
4. Player 1 then performs the skip counting as outlined on the card… WITH GUSTO!

Skip Counting Game Rules

Skip Counting Game Rules

5. Player One’s turn is over after performing the actions to the rest of the group’s approval.
6. Play continues to the left of each player as they repeat steps 2 through 3.
7. Turns continue until one player reaches the finish line.

Included in the Download:

1 Set of Game Rules
1 Game Board
42 Skip counting action cards

So Much Fun:

The actions required on the cards cause a lot of laughter in the group.

Some of my favorites are:

– Cluck like a chicken. 5, 10, ___, ___, 25
– Step on hot coals for each number. 83, 85, ___, 89
– As a rapper. 50, 60, ___, ___, 90
– Washing an angry dog. 59, 69, ___, ___, 89