Addition Think & Cover – a Strategy Game

Addition Game & Subtraction Game – Think & Cover is a strategic thinking game used to practice Addition and Subtraction facts below 20.


 Addition & Subtraction Game

Addition Facts Below 20 – Strategy Game Think & Cover

The Essence of the Addition Game:

Think & Cover - A Game of Strategy, Addition & Subtraction Facts Below 20

Subtraction Facts Below 20

Think & Cover is a strategic thinking game used to practice Addition and Subtraction number facts below 20.

What You Need:

2 players
1 Think and Cover game board
1 red transparent counter
20 blue transparent counters

How to Play this Addition Game:

1. Player 1 chooses 2 uncovered numbers and either ADDs these numbers together or SUBTRACTs the smallest from the largest. Player 1 then places a blue counter on the numbers they chose and a red counter on the answer to the algorithm.

Teaching Points:

– Have students say the full algorithm as they cover the numbers to add an extra layer of learning.
– Have opponents mentally check the algorithm to ensure accuracy. 
2. Player 2 removes the red counter & places their own blue counter on that number and a blue counter on another uncovered number. They then either add or subtract the numbers and place a red counter on the sum or the difference.
3. Play continues in this fashion until no numbers can be covered.
Subtraction Game - Teaching Notes

Subtraction Game – Teaching Notes

How to Win:

The player who leaves the other player no options to cover is declared the winner.  

Professional Reading:

– If you are not aware of the work of Stanford professor Jo Boaler take the time to read her thoughts.
– Do some research on Number Talks.

Before the Game:

– Number Talks
– Introduce the word ‘thwart’. 
– In this type of game one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to plan ahead in order to thwart your opponent. 

During the Game:

Have you found any ways to ‘plan ahead’ to help you win the game? Tell me about it.

Possible Journal Reflections:

Subtraction Game - Teaching Tips

Subtraction Game – How to Play

– What strategies did you experiment with to win this game?
– What do you know now you didn’t know before you played the game?
– What do you think the quote on the game board, ‘Effort is the road to mastery’ means? 
– A person is either born a ‘Math’ person or not. True or False? Explain your answer.
– Many Math professors now believe intelligence and ability in Math grow with thinking and effort. What is your opinion on this? 
– What does ‘growth mindset’ mean to you? 
– If ‘Math is the science of patterns’, what number patterns did you use today? 
– Have one student dictate their answer while the other player records their answer. 

Where to From Here?

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