Contractions – Bingo

Contractions Practice – This contractions practice game focuses on how to create contractions. The game has students practice converting long-form words into contractions in an entertaining way.


Contractions Practice Game

Play Bingo and work on improving your knowledge of contractions.

Contractions Bingo

Contractions Bingo

What you need:

10 to 30 players
1 caller
10 game boards
25 counters per game board
1 deck of contractions cards
 How to Play Contractions Bingo:
  1. Students distribute game boards & counters.
  2. The caller shuffles the deck then flips the top card and reads it to the players.
  3. In their minds or aloud to a partner the students convert the formal speech to a contraction.
  4. They then search their board to see if they have the contraction called. If they do, they place a counter on it. If not, they wait for the next turn.
  5. Play continues in this way until one of the boards has all contractions covered.
  6. On placing the final counter the first student to call ‘BINGO’ is the winner.
Contractions Practice Game - Bingo

Contractions Practice Game – Bingo

Contractions Bingo Variations:

  1. The first player to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line is the winner.
  2. The first player to make a capital N or X wins. I use two different colored counters for this version.
  3. Do a web search for “bingo patterns”. There are lots of different ways to play. Get the students to pick which ones they’d like to play.

During the Game:

  1. Be sure to use the words in meaningful sentences as the students are looking for their words.
  2. If the students are Ok with it, add their names to the sentences. Use your knowledge of their likes and dislikes. Have fun with it.

Included In This Printable Download:

– 10 unique contractions practice game boards (High Color)
– 10 duplicate game boards (Low color for ‘ink saving’ printing)
– 46 Expanded Form word Cards (High Color)
– 1 set of game rules and possible variations
– One PowerPoint file with all bingo game boards and all cards displayed for easy class discussion.

Where to Next?:

– We have another Elementary Contractions Game that requires the students to convert contractions into their long-form.

Contractions Practice Game

Contractions Practice Game