Fractions & Decimals Game – Converting Tenths BUMP

Fractions & Decimals Game РConverting Tenths BUMP. Practice converting fractions to decimals and percentages with this enjoyable math game.


Fractions & Decimals Game

Converting Tenths BUMP

Fractions & Decimals Game

Fractions & Decimals Game

A simple and enjoyable game to practice converting fractions to decimals and back again. This game can produce positive attitudes towards fractions & decimals in your students. It is also an excellent way to address curriculum requirements in regards to knowledge and the use of tenths.

Game Overview:

Players throw a die and move their counter around the outside track. When they land on an outside space they convert the fraction or decimal they land on into the place a counter on the answer. This is a game students really enjoy.

What You Need:

2 Players
1 die numbered 1 to 6
1 Bump Fractions and Decimals Board
7 Counters of different colors per player
Dice Mat (optional)

How to Play:

1. Add up how many letters you have in your first and last names. The student with the least letters goes first.
2. Players choose a monster inside space on the board and place one of their counters on it. This is their starting position.
3. Player One throws the die onto the Dice Mat and moves their counter that many spaces forward.
4. Player One then converts the fraction they have landed on to a decimal and places one of the remaining counters over the decimal in the center of the board.
5. Player Two repeats steps 3 & 4.

The ‘Bump’ Rule

– If a number is already covered by a single opposition counter a player can ‘BUMP’ the counter off the board and replace it with their own.

The ‘Locked In’ Rule

– If a number is covered by your piece and you throw that number, A player can place a second counter on top of the one already on the board. This means the piece is ‘LOCKED IN’ and it cannot be ‘BUMPED’ off the board.
6. Play continues in this turnabout fashion of throwing 2 dice on one turn and one die on the next.

How to Win:

The first player to use up all their counters wins the game.

The Dice Mat:

– The Dice Mat is a piece of felt or A4 paper. It is used to keep down the noise, confine the ‘throws’ to a small area, and or eliminate dice-related ‘silliness’ before it occurs. hehehe
– If any of the dice roll off the mat the throw is disallowed.

Conduct Number Talks Before and After the Game:

A ‘Number Talk’ is a 5 to 15-minute class discussion that focuses on the efficient use of number strategies to solve problems. The teacher and students verbally communicate problem-solving strategies to explore and expose the group to new ways of thinking. The talks serve to deepen mathematical understandings and develop computational fluency. In this case, the Number Talk would be held in relation to the students’ understandings of what fractions and decimals actually are and how to convert between the two.

A Possible Number Talks:

– A fraction can be read like 2 out of 3. Use concrete materials to demonstrate this. Use the PowerPoint file to show the board where MAB material is colored to show fractions. Tell your partner which graphically shows 4 out of 10. Which graphic has 4 tenths covered. Which graphic is 60% covered?

Possible Journal Reflections:

– Write 2 ‘I wonder’ questions you still have as a result of today’s Math session.
– I enjoyed playing this Math game today because______________
– I did not enjoy playing this Math game today because___________
– While playing the Math game today I figured out ________
– On a scale from 1 to 10 I rated my Math work a ______ today because________
Fractions & Decimals Game

Fractions & Decimals Game

Included in this Download:

Р5 full-color boards Рfractions as tenths to decimals, fractions as tenths to percentages, fractions as tenths to symbolic representations,  decimals as tenths to symbolic representations & decimals as tenths to percentages.
– 5 low color boards
– 1 set of rules and teaching notes