Initial Blends Game – sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr

Initial Blends Game – sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr. Initial Blends Board Game – sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr – Four in a Row is a printable game for practicing initial blends in an enjoyable way. Download. Print & Play.


Initial Blends Game

sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr

Initial Blends Game - sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr

Initial Blends Game – sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr

Initial Blends Games – sw, sm, sn, wr, sp & spr

This Four In a Row initial blends phonics game combines strategic thinking with the learning of initial consonant blends and a little fun.

You will Need:

1 game board printed and laminated
1 die (yes die is the singular, dice is the plural)
Colored counters for each player e.g. Player 1 = red Player 2 = green.

How to Play:

1. Player 1 rolls the die and reads a word from the board with the same number as shown on the die.
2. Player 1 places a colored counter on the word if read correctly.
3. Player 2 then repeats Steps 1 and 2.
4. Play continues in the turn-a-bout fashion until a player gets 4 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

How to Win:

Be the first player to get 4 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Tips and Hints:

• The game works best with a two-player game.
• The game can be played without a die – children simply choose a word to read.
• Try playing best of three – it helps to reinforce the words.

phonics game initial blends

Phonics Game – Initial Blends

Words on Boards:

Four in a Row – Board 1 – Initial Blends – sw, sm & sn

swamp, swan, sway, swarm, sweet, swing, swim, swoop swift, swag, swap, swing, swing, swoop, swift, swag, swap, swirl, smart, smash, smear, smell, smile, smoke, smooth, smudge, smog, small, smug, smirk, snack, snail, snap, sniff, snore, snow, snug, snarl, snatch, sneeze, snooze, sneak.

Four in a Row – Board 2 – Initial Blends – wr, sp & spr

wrinkle, wrist, write, writer, wrong, wrestle, wren, wring, wrap, wrapper, wrench, wreck, space, spade, speak, spear, special, speech, speed, spell, spill, spin, spine, spoke, sprain, sprawl, spray, spread, spring, sprinkle, sprinkler, sprint, sprinter, sprig, spree, sprout.

Four in a Row – Board 3 – Initial Blends – str, tw & kn

strap, straw, strain, stray, stream, street, string, strip, stripe, strand,
stress, strong, tweet, twelve, tweezers, twenty, twice, twig, twins, twine, twist, twitter, twang, tweak, knee, kneel, knock, knuckle, knife, knit, knight, knot, know, known, knob, knoll.

Four in a Row – Board 4 – Initial Blends – th, sh & ch

thank, thatch, thaw, theft, thief, there, these, thick, then, thigh, thin,
thing, shade, shadow, shaft, shaggy, shake, share, shark, sharp, shave, she, shed, sheep, chain, chair, change, chant, chapter, charge, charm, chart, chase, chat, cheap, check. .

Included in this Download:

4 Full-Color Boards
4 Low Color Boards
1 PowerPoint file with all the Color boards for easy display and discussion.
1 set of game rules


PS Special thanks go to Ron Leishman for creating the monsters to make this game.