Roman Numerals Chart – 10 to 100 – X to C

Roman Numerals Chart – 10 to 100 – Xto C on the decade.


Roman Numerals Anchor Chart

How to Count from 10 to 100 on the Decade

Counting with Roman Numerals

Counting with Roman Numerals

A reference poster for Roman Numerals to add to your Math Display Wall.

X= ten
XX  = twenty
XXX = thirty
XL = forty
L = fifty
LX= sixty
LXX = seventy
LXXX = eighty
XC = ninety
C= hundred

Roman Numerals Poster

Roman Numerals Poster

Possible Roman Numerals Lesson Ideas:

– Take traditional worksheet questions and find an online roman numeral converter to check the answers.
– Design your own roman numerals poster.
– Create a digital story using roman numerals.
– Create a video tutorial on roman numerals for Teacher Tube using only cardboard and puppets.
– Read the Wikipedia article on roman numerals and record 5 interesting facts. Validate these facts using another source.
– Design your own clock face using roman numbers. NB You must use the Combine aspect of the SCAMPER process.

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