5 Free Printable Sight Word Games – Fish

Printable Sight Word Games – Fish
Practice Sight Words by Playing a Card Game.


Sight Word Games

Free and Printable – Fish

sight word game

When the Internet was young people used to send me games they had made for their students and I would post them on my website. Here is one of the first-ever sent to me from the reading tutor Billy Reid in Northern Ireland. Enjoy the remake!

sight word game 1 1

Go Fish 1:

– a, in, is, to, the, and, I, he, it, see, are, go, we, up, one, me, two, on, you & can

sight word game 2 1

Go Fish 2:

– big, she, look, my, here, little, all, at, into, like, has, for, of, with, get, not, her, they, is & if

sight word game 3

Go Fish 3: 

– by, was, do, off, so, this, have, be, said, him, will, call, some, come, down, that, but, old, did, your

sight word game 4

Go Fish 4: 

– out, make, no, or, had, from, as, an, them, new, then, well, what, there, were, made, back, just

sight word game

Go Fish 5: 

– came, about, when, been, their, who, more, before, want, where, our, must, first, could, right, other, much, only & went.