Addition Game – 3 Men’s Morris

Addition Game – 3 Men’s Morris is a strategic board game re-purposed to enable students to enjoy basic addition fact practice.


Addition Game

3 Men’s Morris

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Addition Games – ‘Three Men’s Morris 

This Addition ‘Three Men’s Morris’ game download is a collection of 14 Addition Game Boards designed to facilitate the learning of Addition Facts & develop strategic thinking skills in an enjoyable way.  


To have a little fun and develop strategic thinking while learning Addition Facts.

About the Game: 

Three Men’s Morris is a variant of a strategy game that most likely emerged from the Roman Empire. It is not certain exactly how old the game is as there is conflicting evidence regarding its origin. Estimates on the game’s age vary from about 2 000 to 3 400 years old.

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What you Need:

2 Players
1 Three Men’s Morris Game Board
3 counters of different colors for each player.

How to Play:

1. The game starts with an empty board and each player in possession of 3 counters.
2. Decide who is going first.
3. Players take turns placing a counter on the board and saying the answer to the algorithm aloud to their partner.
4. Players slide their counters horizontally or vertically along the given lines to the next empty space once all three of their counters are placed.
5. The player who gets three counters in a row takes one of their opponent’s pieces off the board.

Illegal Moves:

1. Diagonal moves are NOT permitted.
2. Moving a piece one space and then moving it back to the same space on the next move is also not permitted. Even to try this is considered ‘poor form’.

How to Win:

– The player who is first to get three counters in a row and takes their opponent’s piece off the board is the winner. NB 3 Men’s Morris is a precursor to 6 Men’s Morris and 9 Men’s Morris. The removal of the counter when 3 of the opposition pieces are in a row is a central concept in the games to follow. I find insisting on the removal of the piece makes for an easier transition to the more complex games. 

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Included in this Download:

– 1  Doubles Game High Color Board 
– 1  Doubles Game Board Low Color
– 2  Doubles Plus One High Color Game Boards- forms 4+3 and 3+4 etc
– 2  Doubles Plus One Low Color Game Boards- forms 4+3 and 3+4 etc
– 2 Doubles Plus Two High Color Game Boards – forms 6+8 and 8+6 etc
– 2 Doubles Plus TwoLow Color Game Boards – forms 6+8 and 8+6 etc
– 1 Friends to Ten Game Board High Color Board 
– 1 Friends to Ten Game Low Color Board 
– 1 Friends to Twenty High Color Board 
– 1 Friends to Twenty High Low Board 
– 1 set of Game Rules 
– 1 PowerPoint file with all the boards for easy display for teaching the game and Number Talks