Addition Game – Space Groat

Space Groat is an enjoyable Addition Game that involves players flicking coins and adding numbers in almost exactly the same way the Old English game was played. 


Addition Game

Space Groat

addition game space groat

Printable Addition Game:

Shove Ha’Penny (shove a halfpenny) was a very popular game in Sixteenth-Century England. It was played on a wooden board with a coin called a groat.

‘Space Groat’ is an Addition game adapted from the original old English game. It combines strategic thinking, learning Addition facts & a little bit of fun.

What You Need:

– 2 players
– a game board (printed and laminated)
– 5 small denomination coins or colored counters

How to Play:

1. Two players sit side by side at a table with the game board in front of them.
2. The person with the next birthday goes first.
3. Line up the five coins across the bottom of the board.
4. Player 1 flicks the coins with their finger so it lands on a number.
5. Player one continues until all five coins have been flicked. 

addition game space groat

Things to Note:  

– If a coin is partially touching a blue line (but has no part is over the blue line) then it remains in play and scores the number the majority of the coin is on.       
– After all five coins are flicked, if a coin is on the line with part of it on one number and part on the other, it is removed from the board and it does not count towards the final score.
– Any coin that goes off the board is dead and not counted.
6. Player 1 calculates the score ALOUD and checks with player 2 to see if the total is correct.
7. Player 2 then repeats steps 3 to 8.
8. The player with the highest total is the winner of the round.
. Play an odd number of rounds to establish an overall winner of the session.     


– Try to ‘bump’ coins closer to larger numbers to improve your score.