Addition Games – Math Solitaire

Addition Facts – Math Solitaire Game to Practice Basic Facts & Problem Solving. Addition Game – Math Fact Practice – Addition Solitaire is a printable game for practicing basic addition facts. Print out this Math game and Learn by having a little fun in Math Centers.


Addition Facts Game


Addition & Subtraction Game
This Addition game is designed to give students quiet time to practice and reflect on their Math learning while challenging themselves. It incorporates strategic thinking into the learning of the Addition Facts for Doubles, Doubles +1, Doubles +2, Facts to 10 & Adding 9 to a Number
Addition Solitaire is perfect for early finishers to help them develop their Number Sense & Number Fluency.


  • A fun engaging way to improve Number Sense & Number Fluency
  • 6 full-color boards
  • 6 low-color boards
  • The number of boards makes for easy differentiation
  • Includes a PowerPoint version to aid with Number Talks
  • 5 minutes to learn but a lifetime to master 🙂
  • Wonderful for Learning Centers
  • Teacher Notes for Before, During & After the Game.
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Game variations included for experimentation
  • Set it for Homework to get the whole family involved with the learning and fun 🙂


– ‘Pipes’ have been added to guide the player. – Subtraction boards have been added for Facts from 10 & Facts from 20 in high color and low color.

What you Need:

1 player
1 game board
14 counters


Place a counter on all but the blank circle.


To leave only ONE counter on the board. 

How to Play:

Triangular Math Solitaire is played by jumping counters over each other to the empty spaces on the other side. It takes 5 minutes to learn but a lifetime to master 

Rules to Remember:

1. Players can only jump along the horizontal AND diagonals lines.
2. Multiple jumps are allowed. NB Jumping around corners is NOT allowed.
3. Remove counters from the board as soon as they are jumped over then answer the algorithm revealed by the removed counter.
4. The game is over when no more ‘jumps’ are possible.

Skill Level Scale:

Grandmaster – One counter left on the algorithm which was vacant at the beginning of the game.
Expert – Two counters left.
Apprentice – Three counters left.
Novice – Four counters left.
Beginner – Five or more counters left.