Blow Me Down – Number Sense Game

Blow Me Down is a Fun and challenging printable Addition game designed to strengthen the number skills of students. The game covers addition facts to 12 and the premium download includes teaching tips for pre-game and post-game number discussions. 


Addition Game

Number Facts to 12

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Math Game – Blow Me Down

Addition Number Sense Game:

‘Blow Me Down’ is a Number Sense Game that encourages experimentation with Number, mental computation to make learning fundamentals enjoyable.  The game is an excellent ‘addition’ to Learning Centers. ‘Blow Me Down’ is an ideal game for learning centers and to get parents involved in your homework program.


To have a little ‘thinking fun’ while learning about all the possible whole number combinations to twelve.

What You Need:

2 players
2 die
1 game board
10 transparent counters
Paper and pencil to record wins
A timer (optional)


– Decide on the length of play e.g. 5 minutes worth of games, 3 rounds, etc
– Organise a round-robin’ play format if desired.

How to Play:

1. The guard always goes first so decide who is going to be this character.
2. Player 1 throws the dice and adds the numbers.
3. Player 1 uses counters to cover number combinations to the value of the throw e.g. If 12 is thrown they may cover any combination of numbers to 12 i.e. 6 + 5 + 1 or 10 + 2 or 4 + 5 + 3.
4. Player 2 then throws the dice and removes any number combinations available. i.e. they can remove covered combinations of the thrown number from the board.

How to Win:

– At the end of the play period the player with the most numbers covered or uncovered is the winner.

addition game

addition game

Pre-Game Number Discussion:

– Write up a number e.g. 4 and have the children record the possible ways to make it using addition involving positive whole numbers e.g. 4 + 0, 3 + 1, 2 + 2, 1 + 3,
– Discuss which of these facts are useful in the game?
– Explore the numbers which allow you to add three numbers together e.g. 8 = 5 + 2 + 1
– Are there any numbers other than 12 which can have 4 numbers added together? 12 =6+3+2+1

After the Game:

– What strategies have you developed to help you do well at this game?
– Would the game be fairer by starting with 6 numbers covered and six uncovered? How can we test this?
– What did you discover about adding you didn’t know before playing this game?
– What do you need to work on to have a better chance of doing well in this game next time we play?
– Why is it important to check your opponent’s answers before continuing with your next turn?

Possible Extension:

– In this game, the dragon blows the numbers off the wall for some unknown reason and the little guard diligently returns them to the wall without complaining. Create a short narrate as to why this is happening. NB in-game construction is referred to as the back story. It is your job to create the back story for this game.

Included in this Download:

– 4 High Color Boards
– 4 Low Color Boards
– 1 set of Game Rules
– 1 set of Teaching Tips
– 1 PowerPoint file to enable the easy display of the game board when introducing the game and doing number talks.