Calculator Game – Beat the Calculator

Calculator Game – Beat the Calculator is a free calculator game that pits the calculator against the human mind to work out which one is the most efficient.


Calculator Game

Beat the Calculator

games for calculators

Games for Calculators

Calculator Game – Beat the Calculator

A calculator game that pits the calculator against the human mind to work out which one is the most efficient. This is a nice tables game to enhance motivation to learn multiplication facts and allows children to reflect on their own learning.

Games for CalculatorsBeat the Calculator Cards

A game to help prove mental computation can be faster and more efficient than using a calculator in some instances.

What you Need to Play this Calculator Game:

3 players
1 calculator
scratch paper & a pencil


– Three students sit in a group. One student uses the calculator. One student is only allowed to do mental computations. The other group member reads the cards & keeps the score.

How to Play:

1. The child with the cards calls out an algorithm from the pack & the child with the calculator MUST input the full algorithm and CANNOT call out the answer until it appears on the calculator screen. The student WITHOUT the calculator can call out the answer as soon as they have worked it out mentally.
2. The caller decides who was first to answer & a tally is recorded on the scratch paper.
3. The winner of the game is the first to ten wins.
4. Swap roles and begin again.

Calculator Game Rules

Calculator Game Rules

Possible Variations:

1. ‘Beat the Teacher’ Whole class activity
2. A math station activity
3. Use the calculator’s constant function (8 x x = )
4. Children create their own game cards.

Possible Reflections:

– Which is the most efficient strategy?
– What (if any) ‘self-talk’ is preventing you from getting the answer?
– What emotions are you feeling in the game? Are they helping or hindering? 
– How can we build confidence?
– What challenges still face you in this game?
– How will you overcome these challenges if any?