Final Sound Ninja Bingo – An Onset, Rime & Word Building Game

Final Sound Bingo – a phonics game to focus on onset and rime. Also enables the practice of auditory and visual discrimination – covers sh, ch, th, ng & ck sounds. 


Final Sound Bingo

An Onset, Rime & Word Building Game with Ninjas

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An enjoyable way to focus on learning final sounds.

What you need:

4 to 8 players 1 caller (optional)
4 game boards
16 counters per game board
1 deck of ninja word cards

How to Play:

1. Students distribute game boards & counters.
2. If using a caller, the deck is handed to them to shuffle and hold. If not, the cards are shuffled & placed face down in the middle of the playing area.
3. In turn the students turn over a card, read it and identify the final sound.
4. Students search their board to see if they have the sound called. If they do, they place a counter on it. If not, they wait for the next turn.
5. Play continues in this way until one of the boards have all sounds covered.
6. On placing the final counter the first student to call ‘BINGO’ is the winner.


– First player to get 4 counters in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally is the winner.
– Students take 20 seconds to memorize one line of the game board. The caller calls out the words and the first student to call out ‘mine’ receives the card. When one player has four cards they turn over their board and match them. If correct they win. What happens if they are incorrect is something the class decides on.
– One player draws a card and the other players try guess the ending. The person who guesses correctly places a counter on their card if they have the sound, as does the person who drew the card.

Before the Game:

– Revise word attack skills and the final sounds sh,ch, ng & ck.
– Explore the game cards with small groups of students.
– Pre-test knowledge of the words used in this game. Create a deck from the words that need to be practiced.
– Check for understanding of the word meanings.
– Explore, ‘Why might we be practicing these skills using a game rather than by using a worksheet?’
NB The correct answer is, ‘ because our teacher is a god!’ hehehehe

During the Game:

-Watch for students taking cues from the students next to them. Could this student need further intervention or assistance?
-Observe students for levels of confidence when placing counters. Which students need an extension? Which students need revision?

After the Game:

– As a class, list 5 questions you would like to ask the creator of this game.
NB These questions must be ones you cannot find answers for anywhere else but by asking the author.
Email the questions to him to find the answers.

Words and Sounds Dealt With in the Phonics Game:

Final Sound ‘sh’

– bush, cash, brush, dish, finish, fish, flash, polish, push, rash, rush, smash, splash, wash & wish.

Final Sound ‘ch’

– beach, bench, bunch, couch, crunch, match, pinch, lunch, each, inch, reach, punch & peach.

Final Sound ‘ck’

– back, brick, block, click, clock, crack, deck, duck, kick, lick, luck, neck, pack, quick, rock, shack, shock, sick,sock, stick, truck & yuck.

Final Sound ‘ng’

– bang, fang, gang, hang, long, lung, rang, ring, sang, sing, slang, sling, song, thing, wing, wrong & young.

Final Sound ‘th’

– bath, both, cloth, Earth, fifth, froth, length, month, myth, path, sloth, teeth & with.