Initial Blends Bingo- br, gr, cr, fr, dr, str & scr

Initial Blends Bingo- br, gr, cr, fr, dr, str & scr. Initial Blends Bingo is a Printable Reading Game designed to help your students master the initial blends br, gr, cr, fr, dr, str & scr


Initial Blends Bingo

br, gr, cr, fr, dr, str & scr

Initial Blends Bingo Game

Initial Blends Bingo Game

Initial Blends Bingo:

is a classic phonics game used in classrooms around the world to reinforce initial blends  br, gr, cr, fr, dr, str, & scr

What You Need:

– All game boards printed out and either laminated or in plastic sleeves
– The game word lists printed and photocopied for future games
– 25 plastic counters for each player

Possible Implementation:

This game can be played as a small group of 6 or eight students or as a whole class. It is a great game for Literacy Centres and parent helpers.

How to Play:

1. Students sit with their materials ready to go.
2. A game leader chooses a word at random from the word list and crosses it off.
3. Players search their board for that word. If the word is printed on their game board they cover the word with a counter, if not they wait for the next word to be read.
4. The winner is the person who covers all the numbers first and calls out BINGO.
NB – I like to play this game so the winner is the first person to get 5 counters in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. I think it keeps the interest level high.


– Pairs of students play one board. This opens up the way to cooperative learning.
– Each student plays with 2 boards.
Initial Blends Bingo Game

Initial Blends Bingo Game

Alternative Ways to Win:

When playing BINGO with small groups I have found a quick game is a good game. So instead of having to fill the board to win, I have the students place different colored counters on the spaces that make these shapes. The winner is the first person to say BINGO when the shape is made. NB I also like the students to make up their own patterns and shapes to play.
bingo variations

Words Included in this Game:

brain, break, brass, brave, bread, brick, bride, bridge, brush, brother, bring,
grain, gram, grant, grape, graph, grass, great, green, grill, grow, gravy
crab, crab, crawl, crayon, crazy, cream, creek, creep, crew, crime, crisp, cross crowd,
frame, freckle, free, freeze, fresh, friend, frog, from, front, frost, frown, fruit
drab, drag, dragon, drain, draw, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, drop, drum, dry,
strap, straw, strain, stray, stream, street, string, string, strip, strong,
scram, scrap, scrape, scratch, scream, screech, screen, screw, scribble, script, scroll, scrub

Included in this Download:

10 full-color boards
10 low color boards
1 PowerPoint file with all the color boards
1 Set of Teaching Notes
2 Word lists for the Caller