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Online Alphabet Letters – A Virtual Set of Magnetic Letters that runs in Internet browsers. NB This is not a download. It is free to use.

Alphabet Letter Magnets

Letter Magnets for Spelling & Phonics Activities

Online Alphabet Letters - Magnetic

Online Alphabet Letters – Interactive


Students love making words with these letter magnets and the manipulation of the letters is so powerful for learning. But… as a teacher… I often became frustrated at how we would run out of certain vowels. As a result, I’ve made a virtual teaching set of magnetic letters with an infinite amount of letters. mawhaha 🙂

You can drag and drop letters until your heart is content.

NB I’ve also included a button so you can choose to select the letters alphabetically or in a qwerty format.

Possible Letter Magnet Games & Activities:

1. Boggle – How Many Words Can You Make? – Arrange a collection of letters on the display space like a boggle puzzle then give the students 3 minutes to make as many words as they can.
2. All Mixed Up – Place all the letters of a child’s name onto the board. Students try and work out who it is. NB, it is best to

arrange the letters in a circle when doing this activity as it is easier for the mind to make connections. You might also try days of the week, months of the year, spelling words, etc.
3, Word Building (onset & rime) – place the letters ‘a’ & ‘t’ on the board like in the graphic on this page. Have students create words by dragging one or two other letters onto the board.
Possible Rime: ack, all, ame, ate, an, aw, at, ick, ing, op, unk, ake, and, ank, ain, ay, ide, ink, or, ap, eat, ice, ine, ight, ip, ore, ale, ash, ell, est, in, ill, ir, ock, oke, uck, ump.
4. Invent a Scrabble Like Game with the students. How will they score?
5. Group / split letters to show word syllables.
6. Tricky Parts of Words Study – put up spelling mistakes from writing lessons and discuss the ‘tricky’ parts. Drag the incorrect letter out and replace it with the correct letter.

About the Font:

Our world is filled with millions of fonts. I chose this one just to give students a break from traditional ‘schoolie’ fonts 😉

How to Launch these Magnetic Letters: 

Open this page in a web browser then click on the launch button and the learning object will work.

Launch Our Letter Magnets Alphabet Tool in a Browser: