Phonics Game – Bossy ‘e’ Rule – Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic Fishing Game – This ‘Bossy ‘e’ Rule’ game is one of the very first I ever made. It remains a favorite with reading group students to this day as it makes learning phonics fun. NB It can easily be modified to meet the needs of your students.


Phonics Game – Bossy ‘e’ Rule

Magnetic Fishing Game

Phonics Game - Magnetic Fishing

Phonics Game – Magnetic Fishing

Magnetic Fishing Game:

A beautiful printable game for learning about the ‘bossy e rule’.

What You Need:

– a toy or homemade fishing pole and line
– a magnet tied to the end of the line in place of a hook.


1. Print & laminate the fish.
2. Spend a quiet evening in front of the TV cutting the fish out as a form of therapy 🙂
3. Attach the words to the back of the fish with paper clips.


Phonics Game Rules Included

Phonics Game – Rules Included

How to Play:

1. Spread the fish out on the floor with the words facing down.
2. Students take turns fishing and reading the words on the back.

Game Rules:

Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic Fishing Game

In my experience, it is best to let the kids invent their own rules for this game. They are very good at it and if you point out that the main purpose of the activity is to learn the given phonics rule and secondly to do it in a fun way they really do rise to the challenge.


Things to Think About:

– Should we have a rule for what happens when you read the word correctly?
– Add a throwback card – throwback two fish, 3 fish, all your fish.
– What should we do when we balk at a word to make sure we learn it?
– Sight words mean you know it on sight ie ‘See it, Say it’. How can we build this into the game?
– Should the fish go in a bucket? a hula hoop? A cardboard box? Something else?
– How could we use cellophane or craft materials to make the ‘pond’? eg Water? Seaweed? Rocks?
– What happens if we hook 2 fish? Do we get to keep them both or throw one back?
– How could we make use of a 1-minute timer?
– Should it be a competition? i.e. should both players try and get as many fish as possible in 1 minute?
What safety issues might we face? How will we ensure it is safe to play this way?

magnetic phonics fish game

Bossy E Words Included in the Download