Snakes and Ladders – Printable & Video Game

This Snakes and Ladders Game (Sometimes called Chutes and Ladders) package is a FREE download. It contains a printable Snakes and Ladders game board, editable game cards & an electronic Snakes and Ladders video game to play on PCs or project onto a large screen.


Snakes and Ladders

Free Download – Printable & Video Game Versions

Snakes and Ladders - Free & Online Versions

Snakes & Ladders – Free & Printable Game Template

This Snakes & Ladders (Sometimes Called Chutes and Ladders) Game package is a FREE download. It contains a printable game board, editable game cards & an electronic video game version for Windows plus the rules for how to play the game. The game is played like traditional Snakes and Ladders but this version contains question cards to be answered on each throw of the die.

The card template is made in Word so you or your students can type up their own question cards. e.g. Dolch Words, Johnson Words, Fry List, Tables, Division Facts, Addition Facts, Subtraction Facts, review questions from any learning area, etc, etc.   

What you Need to Play Snakes and Ladders:

2 players
1 Snakes & Ladders game board (electronic or printable)
1 counter for each player

1 deck of custom cards

Before the Game:

– The teacher or students use the blank card template to create a deck of ‘custom cards’ to work on.
– NB I like the students to identify the math facts ‘They feel like they need to work on’ and make cards to address these needs.

Snakes and Ladders Rules – How to Play:

Snakes & Ladders - Video Game Version

Video Game Version

1. Player One shuffles the cards, forms them into a neat deck & places them face down beside the board.
2. Player One throws the die, moves their counter the given amount of spaces shown on the die then picks up a card and answers the question. If correct, their counter stays on the space they landed on. If not, then they return the counter to the place they started.
3. Player 2 repeats Step 2.

NB If a player lands on a ladder they move their counter to the top of the ladder. If a player lands on the head of a snake they slide their counter to the tail of the snake.


How to Win:

4. The winner is the first person to land on the FINISH square.

Where to Next?

Read about the History of Chutes and Ladders I found it really interesting.