Syllables Game – 4 in a Row

A Game for Exploring the Rule of Syllabification.


Syllables Game

‘What is a Syllable?’

Syllables Game

Four in a Row – Spelling Game

Syllables Game:

Reinforce the Rules of Syllabification While Playing a Game


Syllables can be the bane of many student’s existences. There are 4 Syllable Game Boards in this FREEBIE for reinforcing the rules of syllabification. They are ideal for Literacy Centres, Paired Work, Parent Helpers or to send home with homework

Syllables Game 1:

– When 2 consonants stand between 2 vowels, split between the consonants.

Syllable Game Board

Literacy Game Board

Syllables Game 2: 

– When 1 consonant stands between 2 vowels split after the first vowel and it’ll say its name

Syllables Game 3:

 – Sometimes when 1 consonant comes between 2 vowels we divide after the consonant. The vowel is short – it makes its sound, not its name. cab/in

Syllables Game 4: 

– Two little words are put together to make a big word. Split between the two little words.

How to Play:

Syllable Game - Free Download

Spelling Game – Free Download

1. Roll the die.
2. Read a word with the same number as the dice.
3. Place one colored counter on the word if read correctly
4. The winner is the one to have 4 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

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